Reception Home Learning Letter 30th March

We hope you are all well and staying safe at home. We are missing the children very much so please pass on that we are thinking about them all.

We have seen some absolutely fantastic learning going on this week at home 🙂 Please continue to send us this via tapestry.

Last week you were practising addition with your child. This week we would like you to learn about subtraction using one digit numbers e.g. 6-4=. Please also use the language of “take away” and explain it is when we get less.

Subtraction activities:

  • Snack is a great resource for subtraction. Give your children 6 raisins, they eat 3, how many are left?
  • Make up your own story that the children can act out (be as creative as you like). For example “once upon a time there was a princess who lived in a castle. She had 10 precious jewels, but one day a witch took 4 of them. How many did she have left? Objects are great as the children can physically move them and count how many are left.
  • Twinkl has some great PowerPoints for take away in EYFS. There is also a website called “TopMarks” which is brilliant if you type in “simple take away.”
  • using fingers is a great method for takeaway, so encourage the children to put down their fingers to recognise how many are left.


You have been doing a wonderful job of going through the sounds that the children have learned so far, helping them to remember them. We love all the other creative ideas you have come up with to help your children too. Our top tip for phonics at home is read, read, read! This includes reading to your children and listening to them read to you. There are lots of great online ideas to help you while you don’t have access to school books, they include:

Teach Your Monster to Read, which is currently free to download: 

Oxford Owl has online books and tips to help children with their reading. This is the link to Reception age: 

This video will help them to remember their tricky words, and to learn some new ones. But beware, you won’t be able to stop singing it in your head 🙂 

By this stage at school, we would have been teaching Phase 4 phonics. The children have been learning words with three sounds so far e.g. ‘t-e-n’ or ‘sh-i-p’. Phase 4 teaches words with four sounds that have two consonants next to each other, for example, we might turn ‘t-e-n’ into ‘t-e-n-t’ by adding another consonant at the end.

There are some great Alphablocks episodes to help you: 

You may discover some perfect opportunities for the children to write; perhaps they could help to write a shopping list, write a postcard to a friend they are missing or they could make their own comic or book by folding and stapling pieces of paper.

You’re all doing an amazing job, parents. Thank you!