How to Apply

How to and who can apply…

Schools can apply for a pupil to attend the AB. They have to complete the online referral form on the Norfolk Schools website: The panel meet once a half term to discuss suitability of placement and to assign places when they are available.

The first point of action would be for the home school and the child’s parents to contact the AB to have a discussion and arrange an observation of the child in their home school from Emma Wyatt (AB lead teacher and SENCo). The home school would need to complete the AB referral form. Please see below the dates for paperwork submission.

If you would like to arrange a visit or for more information regarding the AB please contact Emma Wyatt (AB lead teacher) on 01603 429001 or email

Paperwork Submission Deadline Date  Admissions Panel Date for Autism Base  
20.09.2023  11.10.2023  
08.11.2023  29.11.2023  
10.01.2024  31.01.2024  
28.02.2024  20.03.2024  
01.05.2024  22.05.2024  
12.06.2024  03.07.2024  

It is the responsibility of the child’s current setting, or EHCP coordinator if no setting, to contact Emma Wyatt to arrange an observation prior to panel. An observation can’t be made prior to the application being submitted.