Year 1 Learning Zone


Miss Knight

Welcome Dragonflies and their grown-ups to our Learning Zone.

Learning Links

Dinosaur Eggs Blends Game

Poop Deck Pirates Blends Game

Pop the Letters
and Sounds Game

Buried Treasure

Oxford Owl Free E-Books

BBC Bitesize Literacy Activities

Triple Literacy Activity

Match the Picture to the Word Game

BBC ‘s Magic Key – Literacy Games for age 5-6

Click on the word that matches the picture

Sentence Substitution

Capital Letter Match Game

full stop game
Full Stop Game

making sentences

Making sentences game

cvc word endings

CVC end of word game

BBC Bitesize Numeracy Activities

Funky Mummy Addition Game

Shape Sorter Game

Buried 3d Shapes Game

Fairies in the Fog Counting in steps of 2

2d and 3d shapes
2d and 3d Shapes
Mucky Monsters – more or less game

Catch 10 game

Number Bonds to 10
count us in
Count us in game

Identify numbers 11 to 30

SAS Sort – Sort  numbers 10 to 20

Rabbit Takeaway

Soccer Subtraction

Shark Numbers – a Place Value Game

Lifeguard – a Place Value Game

Money Match games

Money Splat Game

Learn the months of the year
Learn the days of the week

BBC Science Clips for age 5-6

Label the parts of the body

knights in armour

Knights in Armour

Keyboard Skills
Find the letters on a keyboard

Learn Keyboard Skills

Make Music with a Virtual Keyboard

Style your own Superhero

Decorate a Gingerbread House
Create a Living Jungle

Make your own Flag
Make a Funny Food Face

CBBC Colour Factory

Online Colouring