Vision & Values


Our vision is for a school full of happy, confident, polite and articulate children. Our children will be excited to come to school and will develop a lifelong love of learning. All children will achieve well and be independent learners. Children will be unafraid to make mistakes, knowing that this is what enables learning. They will support each other in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Our school will be a safe and vibrant environment, where only the highest standards of learning and behaviour are expected. All children will feel valued and take pride in their achievements.

All members of the school community will be excellent learners. Learning must be a lifelong process; as adults we model this by seeking to continually improve our own practice. We welcome parents and the wider community as partners. We will work in partnership with schools and other organisations to develop our practice towards excellence.

Children will embody the school’s values and develop a good understanding of other people’s needs as well as their own.


We are all role models, both for our children and for each other. As such, we aim to maintain the highest standards in our conduct and interactions. These values guide the way we behave and interact with each other on a daily basis as we strive to achieve our vision. These values are at the HEART of everything we do:

Honesty – Honesty needs to underpin all of our actions. This creates trust.

Excellence – what we always strive for.

All good learners – everyone understands what it means to be a good independent learner.

Respect – We show respect for each other, ourselves, our equipment, our environment and others’ opinions.

Teamwork – We can achieve more by working together. This may involve children, staff, parents, governors and the wider community.