Year 2

Year 2 week beginning 4th May

Here are some learning idea for this week based on Friday’s VE Day celebrations.

Children could explore measure when making cakes and scones. Can they measure out the correct amount?

Fractions Can the children cut up the sandwiches into halves and quarters? Can they find different ways to do this? (See picture?) Can the children share this picnic fairly?  Can the children share their picnics in halves, thirds or quarters?

Can the children design bunting for the party?
How many ways can they colour in half a flag? Or a quarter

So as you now know from Mr Palmer’s post, Friday 8th May is VE Day. We want you to have lots of fun celebrating in a safe way.
You might like decorate your house in red, white and blue, perhaps make some bunting and enjoy a tea party inside or outside. Tips for bunting are attached but we are sure you will have your own ideas.
,At 11a.m on Friday you could do your own 2 minutes silence to mark the occasion.
For your writing challenges this week you might like to have a go at making invitations and writing a menu for a VE Day tea party. We want you to use your very best handwriting
If you want to have a practice at joining your letters I have attached some handwriting sheets,

Making invitations You will probably need to use command sentences, statements and perhaps some questions. You might like to practice statements, questions, exclamations and commands on the Discovery Education website where you can watch a video and complete some challenge games. Go to :  Click the link in the top menu: free resources Scroll to Primary and then across and select All free resources. Scroll down to Free Grammar and Punctuation resources for KS1. Select sentences Recognising statements, questions, exclamations and commands So, who will you invite? What time will your party take place? Where will it take place?

Writing a menu
Let you guests know what you will have to eat. You could decorate the border of your menu.
What sort of food will you have? Perhaps you could help make the party food. Will you have sandwiches and jelly? Can you bake some cakes? You could also write a shopping list.

If you feel like really challenging yourself you could try and design the front page of a newspaper, pretending that the war had just finished. Think how excited and relieved everyone would have been! These are some suggestions for you but we know you usually have amazing ideas yourselves of things you would like to do. Please share all your achievements on tapestry so we can celebrate together. Can’t wait to see what you produce this week.
Stay safe and have a lovely week.