YR home learning week beginning 27th April

This week’s suggestions are:

We have seen some lovely posts from parents using their gardens and outdoor walks to explore wildlife. The RSPB has a special Wild Challenge that you can set up as a family to complete bronze, silver and gold activities. It has lots of lovely activities that can mostly be done from your garden: 

For phonics, it’s good idea to consolidate Phase 3 phonics (digraphs and trigraphs: two or three letters that make one sound, such as ch and ear). We often play Bingo games as a fun way to help children recall phonic sounds, which you could do just using pieces of paper. There’s an example here: 

If you google ‘Geraldine the Giraffe phonics’ you will find short, fun videos that will help your child to recap Phase 2 and 3 sounds, and to read words (the shorter words are best for Reception children). There’s an example here: 

It’s always a great idea to practice handwriting; we use the Read, Write Inc letter formation phrases to help children remember. You may want to have another look at the videos on Tapestry of Miss Ward teaching the sounds and letter formation.

For maths, it’s a good idea to consolidate their recognition of numbers 11-20. You could use the same Bingo game as above, adapted to teen numbers. The Numberblocks teen number videos are an excellent resource as well. You will find some fun games to help with maths here: 

We hope you are all well and safe, and we look forward to seeing your Tapestry posts this week, even if your child just wants to pop on and say hello! We are missing them very much and can’t wait until it is safe enough to see them again.